Gab-Spot-Holdings is a South African based investment house with interests in the Fitness Industry, Real Estate Market, Language Teaching and Video Production.


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Online Store

Gab-Spot Online Store lists of all Products and Services we supply which are related to the industries we have interests in. 


Gab-Spot Property is a list of great places to visit if you looking to buy or rent. We also review some amazing places to visit.


Gab-Spot Fitness puts you in-charge of your fitness goals here you will find programs and proven methods to keep you much healthier.


Gab-Spot Productions creates and references all of our video content for the industries we service and support.


Gab-Spot Talent Agency works for you. Register to join us and we will help find the perfect expression for all your talents.


Gab-Spot Teaching is our teaching portal which connects you to an expert  language teacher. Choose a new language and start learning today.

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